“Your brand influence is measured by the extent to which you inspire and compel others to favorably respond to your ideas, instructions, requests and leadership. That takes passion. Passion that can only come when you have identified and come into alignment with your true self.”

-Lethia Owens

Lethia’s Most Requested Programs

Brand Influence:

The Art and Science of Building an Influential Personal Brand

Whether you’re interacting with your clients, leadership team,  internal stakeholders or external contacts, the ability to win respect, influence people and cultivate cooperation is absolutely essential to your success. You must create an authentic professional image—your own unique “brand” or “professional presence” that positions you for career success.

Your personal brand is how others perceive you. It impacts how others work with you and the opportunities that will be afforded to you.  Your personal brand precedes your arrival into a room, and it lingers long after you leave. Understanding how people perceive you is vital to succeeding in your role and it is connected to your ability to influence others. During this program, Lethia will share practical strategies to help you build an E.P.I.C. and influential personal brand.

E – Exposure is all about who knows about you and the work you do. Gaining visibility inside and outside your organization is essential to building your brand and creating future opportunities to grow and become successful.

P – Performance is about the projects you are assigned and the quality of the results you deliver. Your credibility as a key contributor is established through your performance.

I – Image is all about what other people think of you. It is the thoughts, ideas and perceptions they hold in their head about who you are. How you consistently show up shapes other’s perception of you and your ability to get the job done. Every interaction you have with others either enhances or detracts from your brand.

C – Confidence is all about your belief in your ability to perform at a high level and make meaningful contributions to your organization.

The Mindset of a Game Changer:

Next Level Strategies to Transform Your Life and Business NOW!

You can’t create a successful and thriving career if you remain a spectator in the game of life and business.  Game changers are the ones who advance and win.  Being talented is necessary but it is not enough to create the career success most professionals desire.  The key to creating a rewarding and successful career marked by exceptional performance is an intentionally cultivated mindset of success. Game changers are relentless in their pursuit of excellence, are committed to elevating those around them and are passionate about driving results. It’s easy to win in the corporate career game when you have a great coach and a winning playbook. Lethia will teach you game changing strategies that will catapult your career to the next level.

During this program you’ll learn:

  • How to work on yourself to develop a mindset for success.
  • How to cultivate your personal brand and position yourself an expert in your industry.
  • How to overcome the imposter syndrome and fear of promoting yourself.
  • How to transform your mindset so you can increase your exposure, enhance your performance, polish your image and build your confidence.

Add Gamification to Any of Lethia’s Programs

Micro-Learning and gamification are two of the hottest trends in adult learning. Research shows that professionals, and especially millennials, prefer learning experiences that are immersive and allow them to be an active participant in the execution of the learning.

We have created an escape game called “Ransomware Lockout” and participants are raving about the experience. When added to either of Lethia’s two programs, the escape game creates a powerful team building opportunity and a great playground for exploring personal branding principles. Participants have the opportunity to explore, in real-time, how they show up and how others perceive them when they reflect on their performance during the game.

Contact us today if you are interested in a fresh, fun and highly effective tool for helping each of your team members build an influential personal brand. You can send an email to Lethia@gamechangersint.com or call us at (800) 670-0712

Professionals from the following organizations have enjoyed the Ransomware Lockout Escape Game.

Barnes Jewish Hospital
BJC Healthcare
Centene Corporation
Centene/Health Net
Centene/Sunshine Health
Citi Bank
Commerce Bank
Daugherty Business Solution
Edward Jones
Enterprise Holding
Explore St. Louis
Express Scripts
Federal Reserve Bank
GKN Aerospace
Jennings School District
KAI Design & Build
Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
Maryville University
Memorial Hospital
Midwest Express Home Care
Nestle Purina
ROI (Mercy)
St.Louis Regional Chamber
US Bank
US Food & Drug Administration
Webster University
Wells Fargo

For Meeting Planners
You’ve Booked Lethia! Now What?
Audio / Visual Needs



Wireless lavaliere microphone


Unless other arrangements are made ahead of time, Lethia will bring her laptop computer from which she will run her PowerPoint presentation. She will also bring the remote. Lethia’s PowerPoint presentation has embedded audio clips and video clips and so the client will need to make arrangements with the on-site audio/visual technician to provide audio out cables. LETHIA REQUESTS THAT HER LAPTOP BE ON THE STAGE WITH HER DURING HER PRESENTATION, ON A SMALL TABLE, WIRED FOR VIDEO AND FOR SOUND. IF FOR SOME REASON THIS CANNOT BE ACCOMMODATED, PLEASE CONTACT LETHIA TO DISCUSS OPTIONS. We will discuss this with you and your audio/visual technician in more detail prior to your event.

Visual Aids

LCD Projector and screen of appropriate size for audience. Equipment should have the capacity to play audio and video from Lethia’s PowerPoint presentation.

Audio / Video Recording

No audio or video recording of any kind is permitted during the presentation without Lethia’s prior written permission.


After discussing your needs, Lethia may create a handout to go along with her presentation. If a handout is created, it will be emailed to the meeting planner no later than 10 days prior to the event for duplication and distribution.


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